Anthroposophy CanadaWide with Arlene Thorn

, September 14, 2021

Our Society will continue the Anthroposophy CanadaWide zoom calls, starting this month on Sunday, September 26 at 4 pm Eastern. Our first presenter will be Arlene Thorn who is active with the New Adult Learning Movement, a network of people seeking change through learning processes based on sevenfoldness. This movement comes out of the Dutch anthroposophical stream and the work of Coen van Houten, Bernard Lievegoed, and F.W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven. Over the past 20 years, Arlene has developed the Connections program for personal and professional development. This program offers courses in-person and online.
Arlene’s talk on September 26th will be: Experiencing the Destiny of the Age through Karma Consciousness
More zoom calls are being organized but, at the point of this writing, plans are not yet finalized. Our hope was that these calls could take place on the third Sunday of each month but this is not always possible as we have to fit into the schedule of the presenter.
We will continue to send out information through Constant Contact about a week before each call. It will contain information about the presenter and the zoom link. Please share the email and link with anyone you think might be interested.
Our hope with these Anthroposophy CanadaWide zoom calls is to connect members and friends in our movement with each other. At the start of the pandemic last year, many of us were sceptical about the true human value of connecting through video conferencing. We are happy to say we have received much positive feedback over the past 9 months for these Society zoom calls which took place most months. Members have been able to connect in unexpected ways, with the hope of meeting again in-person in the future.
We hope you will join us!
Susan Koppersmith, on behalf of the Council and the Membership Development Mandate Group