IN THESE TIMES : poem by Brenda Hammond

, May 25, 2020


In these times we weave

The fabric of love

With phone calls far and near;

In smiles for strangers

As we pass, keeping

And staying six feet apart



We weave the design of love

In prayers and thoughts

For all those in distress;

For the many souls who cross,

Alone, through the gate of death…


Is this what the virus wants?


In these times we have the chance

To strengthen our souls

To take advantage of quiet time,

Break that habit of touching the face;

Stepping back to evaluate –

What exactly is it that I, alone,

Can bring to this world?

Is this what the virus wants?


In these times I’d say,

Rather, it’s what the angels and archangels,

All the company of heaven,

Want, as they work and strive and toil to turn

Our pain and suffering towards the Good,

Towards right evolution of our

Damaged, threatened earth?

In these day we recognize

The rightness of rhythm;

How we can be helped and carried

By differentiating the days

Of the week,

Connect with the colour,

The grain, the stone,

The task of the 8-fold path.

Thus we learn to survive

To live more consciously, more morally

Again and again and again

In these times.


Brenda Hammond