Posts made in January, 2020

From the World Society – On Stairs, Doors and Windows

, January 26, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada, During a series of autumn meetings, the gift of an uncommitted afternoon made it possible for me to spend several hours with a companion who, unfamiliar with Rudolf Steiner or anthroposophy, was visiting Dornach for the first time. Our shared love of architecture and art was our guide through these hours together. A bright, crisp late autumn day accompanied us as we walked unhurriedly around the Goetheanum grounds, wandered through the reshaped landscape and followed the pathways laid out by Rudolf Steiner. We marvelled at the breadth of Rudolf Steiner’s architectural work, an extraordinary collection of buildings realized in just over a decade early in the 20th century. As the light began to fade, we found ourselves beside the steps leading to the Rudolf Steiner Halde, one of the earliest of the completed buildings. Standing quietly together we turned...

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The Essence of Conversation – The humanist, consciousness that awakens other consciousnesses by Michel Dongois

, January 24, 2020

What is a human being? This question was the starting point for a spontaneous four-way conversation over coffee and croissants which took place in Montreal in early November. The conversation was full of warmth, while outside, winter was preparing to make its yearly appearance over the city. The four individuals seated around the table were: Renée Cossette, Bodo von Plato, Arie van Ameringen and Michel Dongois.    What is a human being? This question has been asked during every period of human history. The great philosophers, artists and politicians have approached it in a multitude of ways. “If one does not ask (oneself) this question, consciousness cannot take hold of it. And consciousness is the very essence of a human being’s autonomy, and, in today’s world, the sign of an individual’s capacity for taking responsibility for the planet.” This notion was put forward by Bodo at the very outset...

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