Vancouver Mystery Drama Group – Susan Koppersmith

, December 14, 2019

On the west coast, the Vancouver Mystery Drama group is alive and active.

We are a group of about 12 or more who rehearse one weekend a month. Marie-Reine Adams, who has had much experience working with a mystery drama group in the UK, travels to Vancouver from Vancouver Island to direct us. We are also grateful for Anja Macmurchie who accompanies her and helps us with speech and drama exercises.

At present we are working with the Portal of Initiation with the plan of sharing some rehearsals with the public in the new year and the spring. We hope to have a performance in early July.

It is amazing to witness all the little miracles that happen around our practices. Even those with small parts benefit from hearing, repeatedly, the longer speeches of some others. In scene one we are introduced to all the characters and their views of life. One can feel one’s soul expand, gaining sympathy for many different points of view.

We struggle with our parts as each tries to feel the words he speaks coming from the depths of the soul. Finding the appropriate gesture is important. The spoken word is transformed gesture; it is bodily motion changed to sound. Watching each other grapple with all of this is like watching a play within a play. Improvements come in leaps and bounds.

Along the way our group has had some setbacks. At present, our Strader is very ill and we do not know if and when he will be able to rejoin us. For the time being, another member of the cast has stepped in to read his part.

The latest miracle: one of our cast members invited a person very new to anthroposophy to visit a rehearsal and consider taking the part of Felicia, as we have been without a Felicia since the beginning. This woman had learned a few the lines and immediately stepped into the part as if she was born for it. We all spontaneously applauded her first efforts!

We always need donations to pay for rehearsal space and travel expenses. If you are able to help, please be in touch with Marie-Reine at [email protected]

Susan Koppersmith