New Administrator

, October 24, 2019

Dear Members,
The Council is delighted to announce the appointment of Christine Tansley to the role of Membership Administrator effective October 1, 2019. Among her varied tasks, Christine will manage the connectivity for all members of the Society, receive questions and queries, provide information, keep membership records and ensure compliance with government charitable regulations as she collaborates closely with Council members.
Christine brings a deep love of anthroposophy to her work and a wealth of administrative experience, including a long-standing administrative role at the Toronto Waldorf School. She is an active resident of Hesperus Fellowship
Village, an anthroposophically-inspired seniors’ residence adjacent to the Toronto Waldorf School.
Jef Saunders will continue in the role of Communication Administrator, which includes responsibilities for the publication of the eNews and website. Jef has graciously agreed to mentor Christine as she transitions into the evolving aspects of her role.
We are sincerely grateful to Jef for masterfully fulfilling the demands and complexities of the administrative role for the past several years and for agreeing to assist Christine.
Part of our Council work this year includes an ongoing dialogue and exploration into how we can re- imagine the role of administrator. We will be looking for ways to alleviate the work-load and the many tasks required to administer the Society effectively on a daily basis, by engaging the membership’s expertise. We encourage you to share your ideas and to contribute towards finding creative ways to collaborate as we meet the future together.
Please join us as we warmly thank Jef and welcome Christine!
Catarina Burisch for the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada