Auriel Heart Stream Eurythmy

, September 13, 2019

Dear Friends,

We are excited to launch Auriel Eurythmy’s Heart Stream program this fall. If you have been longing to deepen your relationship to your life as a developing being, eurythmy offered in an inter-arts approach is a beautiful way forward.


Auriel Heart Stream Eurythmy is open to everyone wanting to bring their relationship to Anthroposophy and their personal inner path into movement. A movement radiating from the heart, out of love of the spirit, each other, and art.


Auriel Heart Stream Eurythmy is an offering of 8 eurythmy courses or modules over two years that form the heart of eurythmy. All of the individual 8 courses can be taken separately, or be taken as a complete two year program. We call these courses ‘Seasonal Courses’.

They have been developed for heart and soul nourishment for everyone interested, for professional development for individuals working in anthroposophical institutions, or as refresher courses for trained eurythmists.

For those interested in travel to Mexico this program can begin Aug 17 to Sept 3 in Mexico City! Or gather with us November 29 – December 5 in western Canada (the location is being considered).

Please reach out to us to initiate conversation about this inter-arts program where eurythmy, fine art explorations, conversation, story and somatic movement support a deep space for learning.

There is more information at and you are welcome

to email us at [email protected] or call Barbarah at 250-551-2402.


Barbarah for the Auriel Team