Posts made in November, 2018

Invitation to Help Develop Ideas for a New Members Group in Thornhill

, November 24, 2018

As a follow-up to the article in the last issue of this newsletter about the Thornhill Group, we would now like to invite any interested members to join in the process of exploring the question of what kind of new Anthroposophical Society members group we would like to found in the Thornhill area. Just from within the Tuesday study group here at Hesperus there are already nine people who feel that such a new members group would be worth forming. We have already started to work together to explore what form that new group would take. But we also want to include any other members in the area who want to be part of this process. The next meeting for this purpose will be on Tuesday January 15th at 7 pm in the upstairs living room (now called the Foundation Room) in the older (East) section of Hesperus, at...

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China: A Whitsun Experience

, November 20, 2018

For three weeks in October 2018 Shanghai and Guangzhou were my homes in China. I felt embraced throughout the entire time by a world of love, comfort, creativity, and every day anew there was a surprise. As an Art Therapist my aim was to give an introduction to Anthroposophy through the wisdom that can be discovered in children’s drawings and paintings. I began by talking very cautiously about the beginning of our planetary stages of the Earth: Ancient Saturn, ancient Sun and ancient Moon. I explained that Saturn can be imagined as the Father, the God of the Sun as his Son and the God of the Moon as the God of wisdom.   In the evening, the private guide in Guangzhou led us through the ancestral hall in a museum and showed us, as the very firstexample, a sculptured image of the God of the Sun, and then...

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