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Friends, Colleagues, how can we, ourselves, do spiritual research?

, April 18, 2018

Introduction to exercises In the course of our work in anthroposophy, the impulse to do primary spiritual research can naturally awaken.  Yet our own limitations immediately confront us. “I am not an initiate.  What could I possibly bring to the world which Steiner has not already presented in clearer and more direct forms than I could ever hope to share?” And yet the question of how to approach (or whether to attempt) spiritual research is deeply connected with the question of how to walk the path of knowledge.  From a certain perspective, they are the same question. There are indeed many ways to take up this question, as many ways as there are individual human beings.  I wanted to share one approach, with which I have engaged for many years and which reached a certain culmination last year. When I first read the Philosophy of Freedom at the age of...

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