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THIS WAR IS NOT INEVITABLE A play for two actors written by Michael Hedley Burton and performed by Lightweight Theatre

, January 21, 2018

An Interview with Susan Koppersmith   Michael Burton, could you say a little bit about your play? I wrote this play in January 2017 in New Zealand, where I live. It is a 90-minute piece of theatre that has been performed 35 times in various countries. It is based on real events that took place during the First World War when a certain young man, in despair about the death and destruction happening around him, approached Rudolf Steiner who “seemed to have the answer to everything”. In reply to the young man’s inner turmoil, Steiner explained to him an idea of a society which could have ended WWI earlier, saving millions of lives, and done away with the reasons for WWII. This idea of Steiner’s is what we now call the Threefold Social Order, though I personally prefer to use the term Threefold Social Organism. It is based on...

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