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An interview with Ralph Danyluk on electro-magnetic pollution and modern wireless technologies

, December 5, 2016

Ralph, you and I have been good friends since the early 70s in Vancouver where we first met Anthroposophy. Back then you were finishing a Master’s Degree in Biophysics at SFU. I understand that you have an active interest in Electro-Smog, wireless technologies and so forth. Can you tell me more about this and how your interest developed? My interest in this area was piqued during the time I spent working and studying at the Goetheanum beginning in 2008. It was really a convergence of a lifelong interest in science and technology from my personal and working life of over 30 years, especially in the fields of electro-magnetism, radio and computing, and Rudolf Steiner’s numerous indications and writings about this subject. It was in Dornach that I was introduced to the work of Paul Emberson who brought a sharp focus (at times controversial) and awareness to Steiner’s writings on...

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