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The Philosophy of Freedom Treasure Quest

, December 7, 2014

A Conference in Epistemological Experimentation) – by Tim Nadelle In the Preface to the 1918 revised edition of the Philosophy of Freedom, Rudolf Steiner writes (Rita Stebbing translation): Everything to be discussed in this book centers around two problems which are fundamental to human soul-life.  One of these problems concerns the possibility of attaining such insight into human nature that knowledge of man can become the foundation of all human knowledge and experience of life. Steiner takes up this first problem in chapter three, which – in terms of the answers it provides – stands as a kind of seed form, out of which the next four chapters develop.  If we choose to actively take up the path to knowledge which is implicit in the Philosophy of Freedom, this seed form of chapter three can emerge for us into the following Foundational Exercise: 1) Observe an occurrence in your environment. 2)...

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