Waldorf Education

Waldorf Education

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Waldorf education was founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1919 in response to the social and political chaos of the European setting from 1900 to 1920. The education is based on a profound pedagogy for the development of the human being from birth, through childhood and to the close of adolescence. Waldorf teachers work consciously to nurture a healthy life-of-will, a warmth of heart for all that lives, and clarity of thinking for all forms of human activity. The healthy and balanced curriculum nurtures young people in such a way that they are inwardly prepared for, and expecting to find modeled in adult society, responsible, individual freedom.


Waldorf EducationWaldorf Education







A key purpose of the curriculum is to re-acquaint human souls with the path of development which has led to the emergence of human individuality. Through the curriculum, students receive a rigorous and broad-ranging academic experience that lays a strong foundation for purpose-in-life. The principle vehicle used to bring this education into the classroom is a new artistry-of-teaching. Waldorf students receive a deeply experienced, ‘enhanced classical education’.

The work of Waldorf education is to enable our students to come to themselves as true human beings, amid the rough and subtle pressures that would prevent that from happening, and to bring their capacities to the needs of our time.

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Waldorf Education