APOC – Anthroposophical Prison Outreach in Canada

APOC is the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach in Canada.  APOC sends semi-annual mailings to thirty-one federal prisons with this invitation to prisoners:  “Find out about anthroposophy and how it can benefit your life.  Upon your request, receive a packet of introductory anthroposophical materials, a book, or a correspondence course, all free of charge.”

Inspired by Fred Janney, founder of the American anthroposophical prison outreach, Tim Nadelle initiated APOC in 2017. Over the past three years, Tim established a set of practices for prison contact and evolved the content for mailings.  Tim says, “If we reach even one prisoner, we will have made a difference.”

For more information or to offer help, contact directly [email protected] or via the ASC office.

For more about American Prison Outreach, see www.anthroposophyforprisoners.org


Raun Griffiths
613 875 0750