Contact List in Vancouver

Monday Night Members Group; Monique Walsh; 604-721-6445; [email protected]

 Tuesday Morning Study Group; Ralph Danyluk; [email protected]

 Wednesday Night Study Group; Michael Roboz; 604-987-4935:[email protected]

Vancouver Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada; Susan Koppersmith; [email protected]

 Rudolf Steiner Centre, 3743 Delbrook Plaza, North Vancouver

 Medical Group and Greater Vancouver Therapeutical Society for Anthroposophical Medicine; Kyle Morton; 604-926-4864; [email protected]

 The Christian Community; Rev. Ann Burfeind; [email protected]

The church is located at 5050 Hastings St. in Burnaby, BC.

Email Ann to be put on the e-list for service times and special events.

 Camphill; Cascadia Society for Social Working; [email protected]; 604-987-3407

 Vancouver Waldorf School; 604-985-7435; High School; 604-986-2922,

 Lifeways Childcare Society; Margo Running; 604-904-4198/ 375-2959 (cell); [email protected]

 School of Spiritual Science; Bert Chase/ 604-988-6458; Patricia Smith/ 604-988-3970; Greg Scott/ 905-737-5019

 Anthro-Bridge; To be put on the e-list for notice of anthroposophical events in the wider Vancouver area, contact Anthony Perzel at [email protected] 

Study Groups


Monday Members Group meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at the Rudolf Steiner Centre. For many years we have taken as the context of our work the theme of the year as given from the Goetheanum.

Each member of the group does his or her individual work on the theme out of the suggested readings and other sources in preparation for the meeting. 

We begin the meeting with the verse Stars spoke once to man. Out of the silence following the verse, a member initiates the conversation for that evening. The intention of the work is both to develop the theme from meeting to meeting, and to develop capacities for listening to one another and for discerning where the conversation can go out of what we hear from one another.  

Each meeting lasts for an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half. We close with Stars spoke once to man”. 

The group is open to anyone who is a member in good standing of the General Anthroposophical Society. There are currently up to nine members who participate on a regular basis.

Monique Walsh

Tuesday Morning Study Group: “Development of Three Folding Social Working in the Present Age.” We meet Tuesday mornings every week beginning at 10:30 am ending at 12:00 in a member’s apartment. The focus of the group is the Threefold Social Organism.The group has been working together for two years and has yet to exhaust the theme.We take a holistic approach seeking to understand how it arises from the demands of the age, the age of the consciousness soul.  How is three-folding reflected, or not, in the symptomology of current time; and what might be practical steps in furthering its development towards the next epoch?  The group work combines both readings and dialogue.

The group is not a drop-in, but is open to new participants at this time.

Please contact Ralph; [email protected] if you are interested in attending.

 Wednesday Study Group, active since 1954, is Vancouver’s oldest study group. We delve into specific themes with depth. At present we are working with Steiner’s 1908 Apocalyse cycle.

 Our group is open to friends and members of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada. We begin each evening with Steiners verse From the Luminous Heights”.

 We meet at the Rudolf Steiner Centre weekly from September to June; each meeting lasts about an hour. Twelve people take part on a regular basis.

Michael Roboz


The Vancouver Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada

Our branch was started in early 2018. We meet at 9:30 am once a month on a selected Saturday at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in North Vancouver. We work with speech or eurythmy, have a 20 minute a study, hear reports of local initiatives (Waldorf School, the Christian Community, Cascadia, etc.) and conferences and we plan festivals. We want to provide a welcoming space for newcomers and for people to share news of their anthroposophical initiatives as well as foster communication within the greater Vancouver area. Members and friends of the ASC are always welcome! Please be in touch for our meeting dates.

Susan Koppersmith

 The First Class meets usually on the first Saturday of each month except for the months of July and August. For more information and exact dates contact Patricia Smith at 604-988-3970.

 Branch and evening study groups and the First Class meet at the Rudolf Steiner Centre, 3743 Delbrook Plaza in North Vancouver

 The Medical Group is made up medical practitioners who study Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course during the school year. The group meets once a month on a Monday.

 The Cascadia Society for Social Working

We are an urban Camphill centre. We have a day program serving 34 individuals, 11 of whom are also residents of our Camphill life sharing community.

Workshops in the day centre include weaving, basketry, candle making, gardening, sewing, clay and home skills as well as a myriad of other artistic, educational, and therapeutic activities.

Cascadia is also well known in the local community, including our gardeners who care for nearby traffic roundabouts, eurythmy and music performances in local venues, and serving a monthly lunch program for the homeless in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Cascadia strives to collaborate with local like minded organizations on common interests such as housing, aging and other urgent community issues.

Vancouver Waldorf School

The Vancouver Waldorf School, established since 1970, has a lower school and a high school.