Study Groups

Anthroposophical Medicine:meets every 3 weeks, began January 2018 and is currently reading the lectures from R. Steiner’s Course for Young Doctors; the first specialized course for medical practitioners given by Rudolf Steiner took place at Easter, 1920.

Group Contact: Rodica Dobrescu [email protected]  Barbarah Nicoll 250 551 2402


Anthroposophical Study Group:this group has been meeting since 1991, with new members joining over the years. The group is currently reading R. Steiner’s lectures on The Evolution of Consciousness, As Revealed Through Initiation Knowledge, given at Penmaenmawr, North Wales, August 1923.

Group Contact: Diane Walters [email protected]   Barbarah Nicoll 250 551 2402


Introduction to Anthroposophy: this group forms when interest arises.

Contact: Barbarah Nicoll   [email protected]  250 551 2402


Nelson Seasonal Festival Celebrations

Contact: Trevor Janz  [email protected]


Waldorf Schools and Initiatives

Nelson Waldorf School

The Nelson Waldorf School is an AWSNA membership school with a rich history and connection to the beautiful and eclectic town of Nelson BC, nestled in the heart of the Kootenay region of Southern British Columbia.   Contact: 250 352 6919


Starseed Kindercottage, Waldorf Inspired Daycare and Home School Enrichment

Providing Waldorf inspired care for preschool children and Waldorf inspired curricular enrichment for registered home schooled children.

Contact: [email protected]


Adult Education

Auriel Eurythmy

The Auriel modular part-time eurythmy training is made up of 14 modular courses, 3 in the first, second, third and fourth year and 2 in the fifth year. Successful completion of the training requires independent study, written assignments, as well as movement and practicum assignments. We are very happy to be able to offer these courses as stand alone courses or as part of the training process for anyone who is interested in eurythmy for their personal or professional development, and for those who wish to start preparing the way to becoming eurythmists.

Contact: Nina Wallace-Ockenden  [email protected] 


Auriel Foundation Year


Throughout time and across world culture there are celebrations reflecting the natural rhythms of nature, and these are often linked to human life transitions and significant events in and of a culture. For modern people, who can live disconnected and distracted from the natural world of light and dark, planting and harvesting, birth and death, the celebration of festivals offers a portal of real experience, a touchstone connected to the cycles of nature which can offer nourishment to the human soul on its journey through life on earth.

In our Seasonal Festival Gatherings we are exploring, through an anthroposophical perspective, the ecumenical space of co-creating meaningful and relevant festival celebrations that welcome myth, traditions of many cultures and emergent elements that meet the needs of our times. Movement through eurythmy, explorations in the arts, conversation and biography, food and song, all play some part in these new festivals. We warmly welcome you to join us, all cultures, all people.

Anyone can join the Festival Gatherings 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a year without participating in the rest of the program.

Winter Festival Gathering: December 20 – 22

            Thursday Gathering, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm,

            Friday Study 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

            Festival Saturday,  9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Cost: Saturday only ~ $125

Full Workshop ~ $325

concessions for financial need are available

Location: Calgary




Ubuntu Learning

empathy based adult learning


Ubuntu Learning is an initiative for those with a longing for a practical understanding of Anthroposophy that meets the need for personal growth and professional development.


The word Ubuntu is about the essence of being human in relationship to other human beings –

Ubuntu is an expression we feel beautifully captures the spirit of our current times, what Rudolf Steiner calls the consciousness soul era, which is grounded in the idea of coevolution, of interdependence and mutuality.


Empathy is awakened in the right manner if we take an interest in a being; and if, as anthroposophists, we set ourselves the task of extending our interests more and more and of widening our mental horizon. This will promote the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind. Progress is not gained by the mere preaching of universal love, but by the extension of our interests further and further, so that we interest ourselves more and more in souls with widely different characters, racial and national particularities, with widely different temperaments, and holding widely differing religious and philosophical views, and then approach them with understanding. Right interest, right understanding, calls forth from the soul the right moral actions.


From R. Steiner’s Lecture on St. Francis, Anthroposophical Ethics (1912, Lecture 3)


Upcoming Offering:

Practical Studies in Anthroposophy:

An Online Workshop Series for Working Waldorf Teachers


Winter/Spring 2019   Myth and the Human Story

This series of workshops is designed to help orient new Waldorf teachers, both trained and untrained, toward a nourishing engagement with Anthroposophy, the understanding of the human being that lies at the heart of the Waldorf approach. We want to assist new teachers in developing an understanding of Anthroposophy, one that leads from knowledge of the curriculum to, as Monica Gold says in Fairy Tales and Art, carrying the consciousness” of subject matter in a manner nourishing to both teacher and class.

In Myth and the Human Story, we explore the anthroposophical picture of the evolving and developing human being as seen through the mythological stories told by Waldorf teachers through the elementary grades.

Facilitator: Mark McGivern

Mark has been an educator most of his working life. He has worked as a Waldorf class teacher, a high school mentor and with adult language learners in various parts of the world. Mark has developed high school curriculum, trained middle school Waldorf teachers in curriculum studies, and been a student of Anthroposophy for many years. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trent University in Ontario and trained to be a Waldorf class teacher at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto in 2001. He worked for 6 years as a class teacher primarily in the middle grades. He has since worked for many years with online learning and has hosted online groups of youth in thematic explorations.


Mark is passionate about finding pathways from living ideas to renewed practices. As a co-founder of Ubuntu Learning he wants to engage with educators and practitioners in innovative ways to nourish and enliven the art of teaching. He has published in Renewal magazine on storytelling with children. He has given talks at Anthroposophical events on Modern Story, and the Influence of Owen Barfield on JRR Tolkien, and Anthroposophy in Tolkien’s Mythology.