Edmonton Group

Here in Edmonton we are a small group of active members, who meet in person at intervals of one month to six weeks during the school year, normally on a Saturday afternoon.  

When we gather we each contribute a short reading (about a paragraph in length) of a text from Rudolf Steiner that has ‘lit up’ for us during our independent study in the intervening time.  We present in turn our selected passage (without any comment) and then, the second time around the circle, each person gives a picture of why this passage was/is important for them at present (without comment from other group members).  Finally, we open the meeting for general discussion of the texts that have been brought.

We find that it is a valuable listening-in process when we can hold to the form of not commenting on our readings in the first round and holding back our questions and comments to the contributor until the time for open conversation.  We also find that, remarkably, there is always a great deal of resonance among the texts that we have independently chosen.   So, although we are not formally studying a particular book or lecture cycle in common, it is as though our respective efforts do splice themselves effectively whenever we meet, creating an uplifting joy and a spirit of community.

At some moments of the year, especially Christmas, we share a festive meal as part of our gathering.  Our hosts Diane Robitelle and Emanuel Blosser have, for several years now, kindly shared their candle-decorated Christmas tree with us, and we sing carols as well as sharing a lecture of Steiner’s relevant to the season.

At present the above-described meeting is for members only, as it pre-supposes a certain foundation in Rudolf Steiner’s work.  Non-members interested in anthroposophy should certainly contact us so we can ascertain how best to accommodate your interest.

Also based in Edmonton is an on-line study group led by Emanuel Blosser ([email protected]).  The goal of this group is “to develop the spiritual organs of perception to see for ourselves what Rudolf Steiner saw.”  Please contact Emanuel directly about participation.


Edmonton is also part-time home to the modular eurythmy training offered by Auriel Eurythmy  (https://www.aurieleurythmy.org/), presently co-led by Nina Wallace-Ockenden and Dianne Rae Wells, and their colleagues, who offer complementary studies in visual arts and art/cultural history, consciousness studies, somatic movement and Core Connexion dance.

Contact Person:

Megan Collins is presently (2018) in this rôle: [email protected]

Please feel free to contact me with any questions pertaining to our local activities, membership etc.

The WISE (Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton) is a thriving young school offering a comprehensive program from Preschool/K to Grade 9.  The school offers the opportunity for its parent community to engage in the study of anthroposophy, as well as eurythmy classes and other artistic activities. The WISE is dedicated to enriching the life of the community through the celebration of seasonal festivals. For more information please write to [email protected]