School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science strives to guide “the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe.” It was created by Rudolf Steiner in December, 1923 at the same time as the founding of the General Anthroposophical Society. The establishing of the School was intended to create a deeply esoteric core within the openly accessible Anthroposophical Society.

The School of Spiritual Science has at its center the General Anthroposophical Section. Here we find the basis for all spiritual research into the five central fields of anthroposophical knowledge: the nature of the human being; meditative practice; reincarnation and karma; Christology and knowledge of the Hierarchies; social forms and social competence.

All members of the School belong to the General Anthroposophical Section. They may then also chose to join, according to their field of endeavor in the world, one of the specialized Sections of the School for Spiritual Science: The Section for Agriculture; The Section for the Performing Arts; The Literary Arts and Humanities Section; the Mathematics and Astronomy Section; the Medical Section; The Pedagogical Section; The Science Section; The Social Sciences Section; The Visual Arts Section; the Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth.

In North America, Canadian and American representatives of the various Sections meet to work together in a mood of spiritual research, and as such form the Collegium of the School of Spiritual Science in North America.